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“I don’t care…what do you feel like?” The eight words every couple says to one another that makes each other die a little bit inside.
After the back and forth of this sweet, subtle argument, we knew we needed a bottle of wine to settle this dinner dilemma. So, there we were in the store, bottle in hand, with empty tummies.
Before we knew it, we were packing the cart with everything we knew would pair well with our new best friend…I believe it was a Cabernet Franc that night.
After long discussions of where to eat, life and love over our beautiful arrangements of appetizers, we realized this had turned into one of the most fun dates we’d had. Defining our favorite flavors and pairings turned into a passion for us.
    We slowly began building our charcuterie boards with gems from our travels.
We found that most charcuterie offerings in restaurants are a little sad or skimpy on selection. So why bother trying to find one that mimicked ours, when we knew that wouldn’t happen? 


if we loved an elevated night in,

why wouldn't someone else?

Eventually, the desire to share our love of charcuterie led to the founding of The Board Couple. If we loved an elevated night in with fine dining around us, why wouldn’t someone else love it, too? Plus, who likes waiting for a table?
So, who are we? In a nutshell…Monica is a Type-A perfectionist with an eye for the future. Bryan is a Bohemian artist with a knack for discovering an unmolded masterpiece. Together, we are a dynamite duo who loves wine, cooking and conversation. We don’t need to sit in a loud restaurant in high heels and a suit coat to feel like we’re getting a fine dining experience. We get to do that in the comfort of our own home, and that’s the same experience we want to bring to your doorstep.