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What is a Grazing Table?

It’s an edible, table-scaped art arrangement. A grazing experience evokes conversation and celebration of guests around the arrangements of food. Breaking the monotony of traditional catering, it will leave the guests enamored around the beautiful Grazing Table by The Board Couple.

Delicatessen charcuterie meats, such as genoa, Several other types of salami and prosciutto rosettes decorate the table. Rivers of fresh fruit, such as grapes and berries, are surrounded by embankments of nuts and chocolate. Centerpieces Of cheese, like the honeycomb-adorned  wheels of Brie or the fruit-drenched goat cheese, will have people gravitating around the table; stopping only to appreciate the art of the food-made decor. Fresh artisan breads & crackers will be cascaded throughout the table along with spreads/preserves.


We have a set grazing menu. However, we will always try to be as accommodating as possible with additional fees.

No substitutions are available. However, if a guest does have a food allergy we can replace that item with more of an existing offering already on the graze.

How far in advance do I need to book a graze?

During peak seasons, availability may be limited if you do not book early. Please know a date is not booked until a full payment has been made.

Once i’ve booked a date, can I change the date or cancel it?

Return & Refund Policy:

Due to demand, additional fees may be incurred for any date changes or cancellations. No refunds, however the amount for your purchase may be used towards another purchase. Please note that your email after placing your order serves as your receipt and confirmation. The Board Couple will contact you when en route with your graze set up the day of the event.

How small is too small or how big is too big for a graze?

A party with fewer than 30 guests cannot be accommodated with a graze. Please return to our main page and select the Grazing Boards button instead to order charcuterie boards for your event. If you’d like to discuss a multi-board set-up, please email us. We’d be happy to help you plan out a stunning arrangement of several boards to create a gorgeous and full look. The sky is the limit with how many guests can be accommodated beyond a headcount of 30. No party size is too big.

Will there be sandwiches on the graze?

It’s a deconstructed, bohemian concept that’s beautifully arranged on a surface of your choice. All of the necessary ingredients will be there for guests to arrange exactly what they’d like to serve themselves. From meats to cheeses, and spreads to breads, everything is provided to create your own European-style sandwich.

Will it be too much food?

No, for the same reason of it being deconstructed, in a sense, it lends itself to be taken as easy to-go servings for guests with any leftovers. 

You will need to provide your own containers for leftovers or to-go servings.

Do you provide plates, napkins and utensils?

For an additional fee, we can provide these items.

Do you include desserts on the graze?

No, only light bites of chocolate on the graze. You will need to provide your own desserts, sweets, plates, serving utensils and cutlery for your event.

Do you also include beverages?

You will need to provide your own beverages of choice and cups.

What else is included on a graze?

We provide serving tongs and cheese knives for the graze, but will collect them at the end of the evening. If serving utensils are missing, a fee will be charged.

Is clean-up after the party is over included?

Yes, we will return when the party is over to disassemble the graze. You are responsible for taking any food you want to keep prior to our return. All food will be discarded on the table. We only clean up the surface space of the graze. We do not do a detailed clean up of the entire area or event.

Can I post pictures of the graze on social media?

Yes, please!

We would love for you to tag us on Facebook and Instagram using our handle @theboardcouple

*Please Note: All Sales Are Final. Refunds Are Not Permitted. Due To Demand, Date Changes Cannot Be Accommodated. Once Your Order Is Placed, You Are Welcome To Upgrade Your Board Size, But Cannot Downgrade. Your Email After Placing The Order Serves As Your Receipt & Order Confirmation. Please Be Sure To Double Check All Delivery Information Is Accurate. The Board Couple Will Contact You When In Route With Your Delivery & Set Up Within Your Preferred Three-Hour Window.

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You Must Have a Minimum Of 30 Guests For A Graze.
A Minimum Requirement For A Graze Is At Least 30 Guests Beginning At $800. Parties Of Less Than 30 Guests Should Refer To The Charcuterie Board Options. All Purchases Are Final. Due To Respective Scheduling, Refunds and And Date Changes Will Not Be Permitted.