Feast - Feeds 30+ Grazers

Feast - Feeds 30+ Grazers

from 350.00

Host a large party with one or these boards. This will comfortably allow 30+ people to graze on the board throughout the event.

All of our boards include artisan cheeses (bleu, brie & goat), classic charcuterie meats (hard salami, dry salami, genoa salami, pepperoni, chorizo, sopressata, peppered salami, prosciutto & rosemary ham), dried fruit, nuts, seasonal spreads, ripe fruits, decadent accompaniments, savory fare, edible art (fresh herbs and honeycomb), and come on a disposable wooden “cheese” board*. Any alterations are subject to an additional charge.

*If You Wish To Reuse Your Cheese Board Wash As Normal, Completely Dry, And Rub In Food Grade Mineral Oil

Add Even More Board Blooms & Sets Of Artisan Crackers On The Board Delivery Page For An Even More Stunning Set Up!

Signature Luxe Look:
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